Road Worlds for Seniors 2019 manual


Monday September 2nd -Friday September 27th.

What is Road Worlds for Seniors?

The Road Worlds for Seniors is an annual one-month event that coincides with the official UCI Road World Championships for professional cyclists. Participants are people living in care homes and visiting adult day care centres.

Road Worlds for Seniors crowns World Champions. But the larger goal to increase the focus on physical and mental wellbeing for older people and people with dementia. For the participating residents and their support teams, e.g. staff, family, volunteers, the Championship is about creating a happening where older people and people with dementia can compete together as individuals and as teams; having fun, feeling part of a community, celebrating achievements, increasing confidence and social interactions, and reaching goals. Read more about the championship here.

As the UCI Road World Championships is held in Yorkshire this year, we have entered into a partnership with the British Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport, Sport England, British Cycling, Care England, National Care Forum, and others to make the Road Worlds for Seniors a grand event in this country as well.


You can download the manual here.

1. How to sign up for the Championship:

All participating care homes and day care centres must sign up for the competition by clicking the button.

2. How to start using motiview:

You have got an email (see first image) from us where you can register on (the first mail you received). When you first login, you have to accept the Data Management Agreement before you can register participating cyclists.

skjem 1.png

The second mail you got tells you that you now represent a customer. Keep in mind that these arrive at the same time, so look out for the one you see under:

3. How to register cyclists:

All cyclists who participate in the Championship must be registered with name or ID at   See video
The most important thing is to ID your cyclist in a way that you and the rest of the staff remembers.
Example: First name, room number

Remember that everyone can participate in Road Worlds for Seniors!

4. How to see reports

Cyclists can ride to any movie in our library. When the movie is finished or stopped, a message appears on the screen “Do you want to record this session”.
Find the name/ID of the cyclist in the list/scroll down menu, and type in the number of km. See video above.
In the competition we only need km, not resistance ect. But you are free to register it for your own use.

You can click Send even if the computer isn´t connected to internet. The computer will then store the information locally.

When the computer is connected to the internet, the registered information is automatically sent to us and will get abvailable at your login at

Remember to connect it to internet regularly!

5. How motiview works

Take a tutorial to see how motiview works.

6. Events and celebrations

A key element with the Championship is to celebrate the participants. Through previous year, such celebrations has included kick-off events and medal ceremonies, where key persons, i.e. staff, family, ambassadors and high profiled people, come together to honour the achievements of the participants and their support teams. The goal is to let care homes and adult day care centres as well as communities across the nation experience the festivities and inspiration of a global movement. 

How can you amplify the impact? Here are some ideas;

  • The Road Worlds goodie bag (t-shirts, hats, buttons) does a lot for you in terms of creating the atmosphere around the championship. Some use the T-shirts for staff to indicate «cycling time», some have the participants use t-shirts and hats while cycling. Others give the mugs as prizes for reaching specific goals and local competitions. Feel free to use the merchandise creatively. Don’t forget to add flags, cake and balloons :)

  • We encourage you to organise a kick-off event in the beginning of the Championship. Invite families, people from the local community, high profiled people to «set off» the participants on their journey. Don’t forget to invite press as well.

  • A good way to create local events is to choose some cycling routes in a Country that the participants can cycle to, using the films in Motiview library. Ask the kitchen to make some iconic food from the Country. Want to cycle in Spain? Celebrate with Tapas. 

  • How about creating an internal competition with prizes? Who will be the winner in terms of km, who has smiled the most, best progression ect

  • And of course celebrate when the Championship is over! It has been a common thing to invite Majors to events, often to hand out medals after the competition is finished to celebrate the achievements.

7. Inspirational videos

This video shows some insights into the fun and joy around the Road Worlds for Seniors and can give you some tips:

The most important thing is to create increased well-being, better shape and good mood!

Cyclists at Heathlands Village in Manchester. Interviews with British Cycling and Sport England.

Inspirational presentation about Motitech and motiview from the Dementia 2020 Conference