By using an exercise bike, video and sound, the users can take cycle trips through familiar surroundings and childhood memories.

  • Improves mobility and self-efficacy

  • Reminiscence and social interaction

  • Better strength and balance, prevents falling

  • Faster rehabilitation

  • Increased appetite, while reduced overweight

  • Better sleep, less pain, less medication

  • Improves physical and mental wellbeing


Easy to learn, easy to use

Motiview consists of a device with motivational videos (PC or similar) that is paired with a display (TV or other). This is combined with a custom-made exercise bike. The system provides access to an ever-growing movie library, where each movie provides a high level of recognition. All films are produced in collaboration with customers and users. In close collaboration with a music therapist, we have developed playlists of music to provide a complete experience.

For each movie there is a large selection of playlists to choose from.

The concept breathes life into old memories through sensory impressions from familiar surroundings. This is just as important to ensure a good experience for people with dementia.


An increasing number of elders are more happy and motivated.

Motiview is also used in preventive care and and has proven to be important in preventing injuries (such as hip fracture) as well as depression.

Motiview has also proved to be very useful in rehabilitation - especially after hip fracture.


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